Bridgestone CB-1
The Tank!

This beast of burden is my winter commuting bike, fully equipped with fenders, lights, racks, bags (not shown, the bike was stripped down at the time of these pictures). I bought this for $70 at a flea market and built it up with a new rear wheel, 7-speed thumb shifters, Avid Tri-Align cantilever brakes, nice cork handgrips from Rivendell, a beautiful Sugino crankset I had laying around, and of course a Brooks Saddle, in this case a Champion Flyer, which is basically a B17 with springs. I believe the frame is made of iron; dragging this thing up and down the three flights of stairs to the BART train is no picnic, but it's a great ride, and I certainly never feel any need to baby it. The Michelin tires weigh about 18 pounds each, but all that extra rubber means I haven't gotten a flat yet.