For Sale! 54 cm Holdsworth Super Mistral Frame
(pre-crumpled for your convenience!)


More pix below...
This was a great touring bike, the long wheelbase gave it a "Rolls Royce" kind of ride. Here's a picture of what it looked like when I bought it. Note this picture isn't of my bike, it's just a picture I found on the web, but that's what it looked like. I had various braze-ons (cantilever studs, downtube shifter bosses, cable guides) added and had it painted (all nicely done by Ed Litton). It has wraparound seat stays and Campy dropouts. It occurs to me now that Litton - that devil - must have kept the headbadge.

Coming home late from work one night I literally fell asleep at the handlebars and rode into the back of a parked car. This was the result.

I bought the frame from Noe Valley Cyclery in San Francisco in 1980. It died around 1995 and has been sitting in my garage ever since. I figure a good builder will charge you somewhere between $500 - $800 to fix the damage and repaint it. An evil builder can probably do it for much less. You'll then have a frame that would otherwise cost you well over $1000 these days. I'm asking $100 (plus shipping if needed). The fork alone (with it's beautiful sloping crown) is probably worth this much!

If you're interested call me at 925-236-6458 from 7am - 2 pm or 925-997-3258 most any time.