I got this bike on Christmas 2004 from Rivendell Bicycle Works in Walnut Creek, CA. It's the first fully assembled bike I've gotten since my Robin Hood 10-speed when I was 14 (which is to say that I've built all my bikes up myself from the bare frame in the meantime). If you're not familiar with Rivendell, you should check them out. Here are some more pics, showing the latest incarnation.

Those are the Grand Bois Randonneur handlebars, with tan cork tape covered with 3 coats of clear shellac and 3 coats of amber. While I was at it, I took the Campy Ergo levers off of the Waterford and replaced the bar-end shifters that are part of the standard Riv build. Some of that cabling looks a little screwy, mostly because I like to have the right hand lever control the front brake. If you're curious, here's what else is on the bike:
  • wheels: Mavic MA-40 rims, Schmidt Son28 dynamo hub on front, Phil Wood Touring 8 speed cassette hub on rear. built by Rich Lesnik at Rivendell.
  • derailleurs: Shimano Ultegra, with JTek ShiftMate on rear for compatibility with Ergo levers (8 speed). Suntour Cyclone M II on the front.
  • cranks: not shown in the pictures, but I just replaced the Sugino XD2 triple with a vintage TA crankset, set up as a 26-46 compact double. Switched to a SKF bottom bracket while I was at it.
  • saddle: honey colored Brooks B-17 Special (there's a rain cover on it in these pictures)
  • pedals: Nitto Platform
  • brakes: Ultegra side-pull
  • lighting: Busch&Müller Lumotec Oval Senso Plus headlight - halogen bulb driven by front hub generator, with a sensor to turn itself on at dark and a capacitor-driven standlight that provides 5 or 6 minutes of led light when you're not rolling. Spanninga battery-powered taillight on fender.
  • fenders: Honjo aluminum, with a Velo Orange leather mudflap on the front.
  • Carradice Nelson Longflap saddlebag, resting on a Nitto mini rear rack
  • note: this is a 58cm Rivendell Rambouilllet. I scratched off most of the decals because they were a little too fancy for my taste. But I think that's the coolest headbadge ever!

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